Your Hard To Read - Women You Can't Figure Out

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She’s Hard To Read…Women You Just Can’t Figure Out!


When Guys Tell A Beautiful Woman “You’re Hard To Read”…..What They REALLY Mean Is Why Won’t She Show Me Any Signs Of Attraction? NEWSFLASH : Beautiful Women Are ONLY “Hard To Read” When They’re NOT Attracted To You!

Women Who Run HOT And COLD Are Often Considered “HARD TO READ” Because They Are Not Giving You Any Signs Of STABLE ATTRACTION. Most Men Can Not Sleep Unless They Know The Girl Is 100% Attracted To Him.

If This Sounds Like You, You Only Have One Person To Blame….YOURSELF! More Than Likely, You Made A Few Noticeable Mistakes When You Met Her….Causing Her To Question Her Attraction For You, Much Less If She Has Any Attraction For You At All!

This Is What Is Known As Running HOT And COLD. However, Men Simply Interpret This As “She’s Hard To Read.” In My 3 Decades Of Dating Hot Women, I’ve Yet To Meet A Girl Who Is “Hard To Read.” She Is Either Attracted To You OR She’s Not Attracted To You. If It’s The Latter, It’s Generally Your Own Fault. Again, You Made Mistakes In The Beginning When You Met Her, That Caused Her To Feel Little Attraction For You, If Any At All!

If You Were To Quiz All Of The Jerks She’s Dating, None Of Them Would Think “She’s Hard To Read.” They Would All Tell You That She’s Actually Very Easy To Read. Why? Because She’s NOT Holding Back Attraction For Them. She’s Not Running HOT And COLD With Them.

So If You Ever Find Yourself Talking About A Girl You’re Attracted To, Saying “She’s Hard To Read” Or “I Just Can’t Figure Her Out”…..Chances Are, She’s Running HOT And COLD With You. She’s Not Giving You The Attraction Signs You’re Looking For Because You Have NOT Created Them Yet!

Understand, As A Man….It Is YOUR JOB To Create Attraction With Hot Women You’re Attracted To, NOT HERS! Do Not Expect Her To Do It For You! SHE WON’T!!! This Is NOT The Girl’s Job, It’s YOUR JOB! 

When You Can Create Attraction With Hot Women And Have Them Chasing After YOU, You Will NEVER Find Yourself Saying These 4 Words EVER AGAIN : She’s Hard To Read!