The 33 Secrets - Release Update

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The 33 Secrets – Full Audio Course ( RELEASE UPDATE )


I’m Getting Close To Releasing My NEW Audio Training Course “The 33 Secrets To Dating Beautiful Women”….ONLY 100 COPIES Will Be Sold! You Will Only Have 24HRS To Grab Your Copy! DON’T MISS OUT!!!

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“The 33 Secrets To Dating Beautiful Women” Is My FULL 6HR Audio Course Teaching You My Personal Secrets To Dating The World’s Hottest Women ( 8’s, 9’s, 10’s ). WARNING : This Is NOT Another “Pickup Course” Teaching You Endless Approach Routines And Openers. There Are TONS OF FREE Videos On The Internet If That’s All You Want To Learn! 

“The 33 Secrets To Dating Beautiful Women” Goes 1,000,000X DEEPER Than Any Pickup Course On The Market Today….Including Neil Strauss’ “The Game”, The Mystery Method, Love Systems, Pua Training, And More.

I’ve Included My List Of “The 33 Secrets To Dating Beautiful Women” Below. You’ll Notice, VERY LITTLE Has To Do With Pickup! Pickup Is A VERY SMALL Part Of Dating Beautiful Women Successfully. I’ve Successfully Picked Up Many Beautiful Women Who Became Long Time Girlfriends Simply By Saying “HI.” Don’t Be Fooled By PUA’s. The Secret In Dating TONS Of Beautiful Women Is NOT In Pickup Or Routines…..It’s Knowing “THEIR” Secrets….How They Think, Their Insecurites, Their Weaknesses. 

Beautiful Women Are The MOST INSECURE Women On The Planet, Yet Most Men Are INTIMIDATED By Them. If They Only Knew My 33 Secrets To Dating Beautiful Women ( LEARN THEM NOW ) :

SECRET #1 – Don’t Make Beautiful Women Your Psychiatrist
SECRET #2 – Beautiful Women Don’t Date Men Who Make Them Feel “Secure”
SECRET #3 – You Can’t Attract A Beautiful Woman from a Position of Weakness
SECRET #4 – Never Give Your Power Away To A Beautiful Woman
SECRET #5 – Beautiful Women Don’t Respect Men Who Treat Them With Respect
SECRET #6 – Men Who Compliment Beautiful Women….NEVER Get Beautiful Women
SECRET #7 – Never Ask A Beautiful Woman For Her Advice – OR – Opinion
SECRET #8 – Never Give A Beautiful Woman Advance Notice for Dates
SECRET #9 – Always End Your Date With A Beautiful Woman BEFORE She Does
SECRET #10 – Never Say I Love You To A Beautiful Woman
SECRET #11 – Never Date Beautiful Women Who Are “Party Girls”
SECRET #12 – Never Date Beautiful Women Who Are “Single Moms”
SECRET #13 – Never Let A Beautiful Woman Control You
SECRET #14 – Stop Trying To Get Laid & You’ll Attract TONS Of Beautiful Women
SECRET #15 – Beautiful Women Date Men….NOT Boys
SECRET #16 – Attract Legions Of Beautiful Women WITHOUT Being Rich
SECRET #17 – Escape ANY Friend Zone With ANY Beautiful Woman
SECRET #18 – Never “Over Prepare” For Dates With A Beautiful Woman
SECRET #19 – Never Show Up For Dates BEFORE She Does
SECRET #20 – Flake On Dates With Beautiful Women To SKYROCKET Attraction
SECRET #21 – Always Respond To A Beautiful Woman’s Email In 3 Sentences OR LESS
SECRET #22 – Always Respond To A Beautiful Woman’s Text In 4 Words OR LESS
SECRET #23 – Beautiful Women GAIN Their Power At Age 13
SECRET #24 – Beautiful Women LOSE Their Power At Age 30
SECRET #25 – Ignoring Beautiful Women ATTRACTS Beautiful Women
SECRET #26 – Beautiful Women Give Out Their Cell Number ALL THE TIME
SECRET #27 – Never Respond To “Text Me When You Get Home”
SECRET #28 – Most Beautiful Women Have No Honor, Morals, or Ethics
SECRET #29 – Why Approaching Beautiful Women Doesn’t Work
SECRET #30 – Beautiful Women Are Judged By Looks….Period
SECRET #31 – Beautiful & Intelligent Women Are Like UFO’s
SECRET #32 – Beautiful Women Dump ALL Men For The Same Reason
SECRET #33 – Beautiful Women Age Like Milk….Men Age Like Wine