NO SUCH THING AS DREAM GIRL! ( Abundance Mindset vs Scarcity Mindset )

No Such Thing As Dream Girl - Abundance vs Scarcity Mindset

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Why Your Dream Girl Doesn’t Actually Exist! 


There Is No Such Thing As A “Dream Girl”…..Only DREAM GIRLS!!! If You’re Still In Love With The Girl From Your 7th Grade English Class, Or The Girl You Saw In A Magazine, You’re Currently Suffering From A Severe Case Of Oneitis. Oneitis Is One Of The Leading Causes Of Having A Scarcity Mindset. 

A Scarcity Mindset Will Lead You To A Lifetime Of Embarrassing Moments, Disappointment, and Failure With Beautiful Women. Instead, Adopt An Abundance Mindset And Realize There Are Millions Of Beautiful Women Out There For You To Date. 

There Is NO SUCH THING As A “Dream Girl”….Only DREAM GIRLS! Train Yourself To Focus On ABUNDANCE versus Scarcity. There Are Currently 3.5 Billion Women On The Planet. How Many Dream Girls Can You Find In Your Lifetime?