How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection And Approach Anxiety

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Destroy Fear Of Rejection & Approach Anxiety With Hot Women!


Here’s How To Overcome Your Fear Of Rejection When You Approach A Beautiful Woman!

DO NOT Make The Mistake Of Calibrating BEFORE You Approach….This Is A COMMON Newbie Mistake! Always Calibrate AFTER You Approach!

The Easiest Way For How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection With Beautiful Women Is To STOP Thinking “APPROACH” And Instead, Start Thinking “CONVERSATION.” Even Just Asking Her For Directions, Is More Than Enough To Get Your Conversation Started And Decide If You’re Even Still Attracted To Her. 

In Most Cases, You’ll Find That You LOSE ATTRACTION For The Girl Almost As Soon As She Starts Talking! You Will Generally Notice A Flaw In Her Facial Expressions, Mannerisms, Or Physical Appearance That You DID NOT Notice Upon First Seeing Her.

Most Newbies Get Too Caught Up In The Excitement Of Seeing A SUPER HOT Woman They Want To Approach, That They Often Trick Themselves Into Believing She’s Much Hotter Than She Actually Is. Fooling Themselves Into Believing She’s A FLAWLESS PRINCESS With FLAWLESS BEAUTY. This Is RARELY The Case!

Most Hot Women Look MUCH HOTTER Just Walking By Or Shopping Alone. It’s Not Until You Start Talking To Them That You Notice Flaws In Her Appearance That Were Not Noticeable Upon First Seeing Her!

DO NOT Give Hot Women So Much Credit BEFORE You Even Approach! Wait Until After You’ve Started Talking To Her To Decide If You’re Even Still Attracted To Her. This Is The Fastest And Easiest Way For Overcoming Fear Of Rejection When Approaching A Beautiful Woman!