How To Kill Approach Anxiety

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My #1 Secret Tips For Overcoming Approach Anxiety!


Learn My #1 Secret Tips For How To Overcome Approach Anxiety With Attractive Women You Want To Date! 

Most Men CAN NOT Approach Beautiful Women WITHOUT Feeling Approach Anxiety. They Constantly Feel LOWER STATUS Than Attractive Women, Often Resulting In Supplicative And Needy Behavior That Creeps Out Attractive Women.

Most Men Make The #1 Mistake Of Putting Attractive Women On An Imaginary Pedastool Above Them, Simply Because Of Her Beauty. And When You Put Hot Women On A Pedastool Above You, Guess What? They Will ACT Like They’re On A Pedastool ABOVE YOU! Act Like A Beggar And You’ll Be Treated Like A Beggar!

If You Want To Destroy Your Approach Anxiety And Attract Beautiful Women Successfully, You Must Train Yourself To STOP Putting Attractive Women On An Imaginary Pedastool Above You! This Is Easy To Do With Unattractive And Overweight Women That You’re NOT Attracted Too, However Takes More Effort To Pull-Off With Hot Women That You ARE Attracted Too!

If You’re Like Most Men, You Need To Stop Giving Attractive Women So Much Credit, Simply Because Of Her Beauty. The Reality Is, The More Hot, Young Women You Date, The More You’ll Realize How The Majority Of Them Are BELOW YOU In Life….Often Dating Hot Losers, Jerks, Creeps, And Having Nothing Else Going On In Their Lives.

Your Coming Into Her Life Is Actually A “GIFT” As You Can Contribute Tremendous Value To Her Inexperienced And Immature Lifestyle. Unfortunately Most Hot Women Never Experience This, Because Most Men Are Too Busy Giving Her Loads Of Credit For Doing Nothing. As A Result, She Gets Creeped Out And Never Wants To See Him Again.

The SECRET TRICK To Overcoming Approach Anxiety With Attractive Women Is To Simply STOP Giving Her So Much Credit For Doing Nothing, Other Than Looking Hot! Stop Acting Like A Beggar And Start Acting Like The Prize! Act Like A King, To Be Treated Like A King.

When You Approach Beautiful Women And Pickup Beautiful Women, Stop Thinking She’s Better Than You Because Of Her Looks. Change Your Mindset And Remind Yourself Who You Are, Your Accomplishments, Your Life Experience, And More Importantly….The Tremendous Value You Can Offer To Her Young Life If She Plays Her Cards Right. 

Stop Acting Like The Beggar And Start Acting Like A King! Act Like A King And She’ll Treat You Like A King.