How To Approach A Group Of Women - Create Pool Of Women

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How To Get Girls | Create A Pool Of Women To Date!


How To Get Girls – Always Make Sure You’re Focus Is Creating A Pool Of Women To Date. Don’t Just Focus On Meeting That One Special Girl To Become Your Soulmate And Lifelong Partner For The Rest Of Your Life.

It’s Better To Focus On Creating A Pool Of Options For You To Date, Then Choose The Women You’re Most Attracted To, Share The Most Chemistry With, And Enjoy Dating The Most To Keep In Your Life.

Most Attractive Women ALREADY Have A Pool Of Options For Men They Want To Date, Which Allows Them To Be More Selective For Who They Want To Invest Time With. Most Men DO NOT Have A Pool Of Options For Women They Want To Date, And Are Often Too Willing To Settle For The First Average Looking Woman Who Responds To Him!

Men Who DO NOT Have A Pool Of Women To Date Are Generally Dating Women With A Scarcity Mindset….Instead Of An Abundance Mindset. Men With A Scarcity Dating Mindset, Will Come Off More Needy, More Supplicative, And Will Often End Up Settling For Women BELOW His Potential!

In Order To Attract Beautiful Women Successfully, You Must Have An ABUNDANCE Mindset. The #1 Way To Create An Abundance Mindset With Your Dating Life Is By Creating A Pool Of Women For You To Date And Choose From At Any Time!