Don't Give Women Power Or She Will Destroy You With It!

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Why Women Take Advantage Of Men Who Give Them POWER!


Don’t Give Women Power! EVER! Or She WILL Destroy You With It! Everytime! Don’t Believe Me?…..Just Ask Yourself, Have You Ever Met A Woman You’ve Given Your Power To That HASN’T Crushed You With It? The Answer Is : NO

Think Back On EVERY Former Girlfriend You’ve Had, Where You’ve Given Her “Power” In Your Relationship. Did She Treat You Better Or Worse After You Gave Her Power? I Guarantee She Treated You MUCH WORSE!

FORGET Political Correctness, FORGET Social Conditioning, FORGET Groupthink…..Women Respond To One Thing And One Thing Only…..VALUE!!! When You Give Women Power, Your Value DROPS Like A Bad Stock In Her Eyes. 

She Will Not View You As A “Nice Man Trying To Do The Right Thing”…..She Will View You As A Weak, Pathetic Worm That She Needs To Crush Out Of Existence Before Your Spineless DNA Attempts To Reproduce!

There Are Practically ZERO Examples Of Women Throughout History Who’ve NOT Taken FULL ADVANTAGE Of Men When Given Power. Be Smart….DO NOT Give Women Power, For ANY REASON Whatsoever. 

Some May Call This Misogynistic, Others May Call It Chauvinistic….But In Reality, It’s Just Plain Old “Don’t Trust Women With Power”….Or You WILL Regret It!!!